Saturday, June 30, 2012


Turns out this is my favorite color for summer.  So soft, clean and pretty.  A gentle sweep across the eye creates a beautiful look. Wet the shadow for more intensity. Using an angled brush will create more of a cat eye that is so popular right now.  I love Charm by Stila.

Friday, June 29, 2012



Nobody likes the look of a crepey neck and decolletage.  You know that upper chest area that gets more sun than it should.  Always gets neglected and is massively hated by most women moving up in years?  It makes us feel old and unattractive.  There are many beauty products out there specifically for that area however I have found one that truly works.  Even my friends have noticed! It's by my new favorite skincare line, Prai Beauty.  It's called very fittingly "Ageless Throat Decolletage Creme."  I have to say at first I was a bit skeptical because you always wonder if things are really going to work like they say but in this case I really had no expectations and I was very pleasantly surprised.  It's so simple and easy to use.  Only seconds added to your beauty routine.  Just apply at  night and after about a month the results are noticeable.  I promise you.  It will  take years off your appearance.  Now if only we could find a product that does that to our age?!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


So I talk about empowering yourself by allowing your inner beauty to shine through.  That might seem a daunting task to some or a bit confusing for others.   Follow the simple tasks below, your inner beauty will definitely shine through!

The quickest attitude adjustment is through reflection. Women who have low self esteem often avoid mirrors like the plague. However, mirrors can become a big ally. Muster your courage to look in the mirror and pick out one thing you like about your appearance. Put your focus there!!
The way you use your beauty products will make all the difference in results.  Massage your scalp when washing your hair.  Focus on treating yourself to that. While rinsing, lift your hair away from your scalp for about two minutes until it squeaks.
Don't worry about looking pretty. Look pretty amazing. show the world you care about yourself. Take 2 extra minutes everyday for yourself. Try applying lavender oil to your skin right after showering to promote smooth skin, add a couple curls to your hair, dab a spot of perfume.  Real beauty celebrates individuality. Rather than running around looking for beauty in pricey external products, discover within yourself. Make the most of what you have. You'll learn to like yourself and that will spark a light within.
Do One Thing For Yourself Everyday 
Make yourself do it. It's the ultimate act of self-respect. Soak in the bubble bath or read an inspiring book. Take a 5 minute break and sit quietly and breathe visualizing a peaceful you. Cut fresh flowers. Prepare healthy meals-with you in mind. These little pleasures allow you to feel special. 
Listen To Your Inner Voice
This is most important. Each of us has a voice inside. This is like a therapist. It will guide us in the right direction. It will calm us down, cheer us up and even help us figure out why we're overeating or not bothering to iron our clothes. The problem is that we often don't take time we need to hear this important information. Schedule some quiet time in a leisurely bath or walk, or even while putting on your makeup. 

Taking the time for yourself is a simple way to promote beauty both inside and out!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camille and D.D. Off the Cuff


This month Kate Moss graces the cover of Bazaar looking so incredibly beautiful in a simple, elegant way that only she know's how.  I love the way her makeup is done and her sophisticated pulled back hair just completes the look.  And speaking of the look, there are ways of getting it without taxing your pocketbook.  New from Revlon is Colorstay Eyeliner.  It glides on so smoothly and stays on all day. Literally, I also have the same eyeliner from Chanel for about 5 times the price!!  Try it in black like on Kate here by rimming the lids and in the water line for more drama!  If you like a red lip I definitely recommend Rimmel Kate Moss Collection.  It is a true red which glides on and stays on.  For about 1/2 the price on MAC Ruby Woo.  So fret no more,  simple beauty can be found!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Solange Knowles is so hot right now!! Everywhere you turn, there she is.  This week she turns a sweet young age of 26.  I love that she is finding her own path and certainly has kudos the style and spunk of her very famous sister.  I love that she keeps it natural and simple in her appearance as well.  She has a super exuberance about her and incredibly confidence.  Here she keeps it real with natural makeup and hair and just a splash of color in her lip. To get this lustrous lip try The Kate Collection by Rimmel in 01.  It's a great new red by Kate Moss which has incredible staying power. The price is great too at around $8. Leave it Solange to know exactly what to wear and where to wear it!!  Happy birthday Solange!

*Beauty Tip: To get a perfect red lip apply lipstick almost to lip line but not quite.  Then use a corresponding red lip liner to line your lip.  That sequence insures a perfect pout every time!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Week 2 of my series on "Real Women of Inspiration" gives us a peak into the life of my friend Julie Piatt .  I've known Julie for many years.  I met her through my husband who did some custom furniture for her when she had a very successful  design business.  I think the thing that struck me the most about Julie was her incredible sense of confidence and an energy that said "I can move mountains. Watch me do it!"  All with the grace and ease of a gazelle.  She is a powerhouse of a woman.  Incredibly beautiful both on the outside and inside.   When the economy soured and Julie felt it's pressures she turned inward and found a new way.  Julie has always been able to juggle any path that she chooses and blends it seamlessly with her family of two older boys from a previous marriage and two girls from her  present marriage to Rich Roll with whom she has had many a journey with already. Between creating a vegan/raw cook book,  a progressive elementary school in her home and the release of her debut album which can be found at Whatever hurdles get in her way, there is no stopping Julie!
Still creating a very simple life style I was fascinated to learn how she does it.
1.  You are a natural beauty and you seem perfectly comfortable in who you are and how you look.  That is one reason I asked you to participate.  Can you share some advice for how to attain that inner confidence?

Finding out your hearts deepest desires is key.  The single most powerful practice for me is a humming meditation that I began years back.  I love it because it's easy to do any time and any place.  We have so much external stimulus that the humming helps to clear and tune you to your heart much like a tuning fork.  Then you can access some moments of connection. Then you can find out what your heart is yearning to express.

2. What is your beauty routine? Do you have some rituals or favorite products? If you'd like to discuss your plant based diet  this might be a great place to mention it as well.

Yoga, meditation and the practices of Ayurveda are my foundation of real beauty. Another level of conscious living for us is my husband Rich Roll and my Plant Power focus in our diets. Our hemp protein has excellent nutrients and I make sure I get this daily.   I also use coconut oils, turmeric, rose petals & dates in my blended drinks. I oil my skin with warm sesame oil especially in the colder windy months.  I try to bring feminine nurturing energy into my life experience as much as possible.  I am also a big fan of raw honey and bee pollen.   Finally I have my favorite French skin care line  Her exfoliating cleanser and tonic make my skin glow.  I get facials from Brigitte as I'm able.  You can find her at Christophe salon  in Beverly hills. She is an angel.

3.  You have 4 kids and are married, how have you managed to juggle your family and career with seemingly effortless ease?

We are a creative tribe that operates as a whole.  Each family member is equally nurtured and fed by the group.  We usually flow through the day and events with creativity and flexibility.  This is often chaotic and always interesting but there is a divine order in it.  By letting go the day arranges itself often miraculously.  My faith and experience in this force actually makes it effortless.  And things do manifest, books are released, albums are finished, paintings are sold  -just maybe not how we thought it would happen.  This can be challenging for Rich as he has training schedules and deadlines to meet.  But the process is working on him.

4. We met through my husband when he designed furniture for your design business. You have an ultra modern and simple house which is incredibly beautiful. I know you aren't doing that anymore. How has the transition been for you from one career to another?  Can you speak about your faith and belief?

We consider our house ,JAI house to be an actual member of our family.  She holds us and is the canvas for all we create here.

The transition from designer to musician was orchestrated as a direct result of the humming meditation I already spoke about.  As I hummed and cleared out the interference, the song stream opened.  Six years later I am releasing my first album and I am connected to my soul purpose.  It's not that I couldn't design or sculpt, it's that my primary design is to write and sing music. Without the humming, I may never have found it. 

5. Describe what the day in the life of Julie.

No two days are ever alike which makes our life interesting.  But it will include spiritual practice; yoga, meditation, vegan raw blends, recording studio with my sons who are in my band, homeschool with two other families, cooking, helping Rich with his book appearance scheduling, and a possible a live performance.

6. Through your Jai Lifestyle what is the one secret you have discovered and can share that has lead to your beautiful appearance?

That life is so precious.  I get to make my own choices and have my own experience.  It's my desire for life to be really meaningful.   It's a short ride here.  So every night when I lay down to sleep, I make sure I played it all out.  I never leave anything unsaid to Rich or my children.  I give as much as I'm physically, emotionally and spiritually able.  This makes for late nights and early days but its my blessing to serve my family.  We are all deeply connected and that family tribe thing we have is something amazing.  It's beautiful that we know just how precious it is.

Amazing words. Very simple yet powerful.   Never leave anything unsaid and always honor yourself with living the life you truly desire.  I absolutely agree how valuable a spiritual practice can be and should definitely be included in our daily lives on whatever level one can produce.  Find out more about Julie's Humming Meditation here

You can also find out more about her endurance athlete husband Rich and his journey, from his bestselling book "Finding Ultra" at

My gratitude goes out to Julie for sharing her extraordinary wisdom with us.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Emma Stone is gracing Vogue's July cover and she looks absolutely ravishing in my opinion.  I love the lighter hair and the sexy smoldering makeup. Just the right amount of umpf to make her eyes stand out.  That paired with the peachy cheeks and nude lip make for a beautiful cover.  If you'd like to get Emma's beauty look try Revlon's Luxurious Color Eyeliner in Black Velvet.  It has the right amount of glide to get a nice line and has a smudgy tip to blend out the eyelid.  A very simple way to create a dramatic eye.  To get that pretty, peachy cheek try MAC's Pinch O' Peach Powder Blush.  And for that soft nude lip I like Creme d' Nude also by MAC.  Those three products alone can give you instant cover girl gorgeous. Simply and beautifully!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This week I am starting a series of interviews with "real" women that I know.  Women who I feel truly embody "Simple Beaute" into their lives every day.  Instead of talking about celebs who make it look so easy, I decided to focus on women who are beautiful and make it look so easy maybe without all of the help that the celebs have.  These women are inspirational specifically because of the fact that they DON'T have all that support and they handle their lives with a grace and ease that I find so exceptional and beautiful  which lead me to wonder "How do they do it?"  These women were gracious enough to tell me.  I thought I would impart their wisdom onto you.  Maybe through their tips we call can achieve more simplicity and beauty in our lives.

Today I'm starting with "Venessa."  Venessa is a mid-age, mother of three who has always maintained a healthy and confident state of self. She is always the sexiest, most beautiful one in the room!  She definitely is gorgeous on the outside but it is her inner beauty that is so appealing to all that know her.  This is the wisdom she offered me.

1. So you are a beautiful woman, what is your secret to that beauty?  Do
you have favorite products or rituals?  What is your daily beauty routine?
My daily beauty routine is pretty basic.  I wash my skin using Cetaphil, I need to have that clean feeling and cleansers just don't do it
for me.  I also use TaTa Harper from time to time.  The granules give the
feeling of a scrub.  I use Calendula Creme moisturizer in the summer which is oil free and in
the winter I use Skin Medica Hydrating Complex and Mositurizer.  When the
weather is particularly harsh I use Katresha's face oil, which is all
natural and feels great.  I also use Katresha's eye crème.
I have a facial once a month and have done for over 20 years.  I think that is the secret.  When I first met my husband he gave me a yearly
series at a beauty salon and it became a ritual, every year in my
Christmas stocking there it is.  I have him to be thank for helping me
maintain my skin.  I have used the same beautician for almost as long so
she knows my skin and gives it whatever it needs.  
I use Bobbi Brown's tinted day crème with an SPF in it.
My mum was just visiting from Australia and gave me some Clinique
repairwear laser focus corrector.  I think she is trying to tell me
something.  I turned 50 this past April.

2. You have three older children, and your marriage, how have you managed
to juggle your family while still maintaining your independence and
 My independence is very important to me, it always has been.  I
realized early on in the game that I could not do it alone so I figured
out where I needed the help and out sourced it.  I wanted to spend quality
time with my kids, keep working so that I could keep my independence and
above all stay happily married!
I changed careers once my kids started going to school.  I was in the
restaurant business and the late nights, up early to my babies was
killing me.  I had been looking for something Australian to bring to the
US and I found it.  That was the beginning of Shark Suit sun protective
Relatively unheard of at the time and very much needed here in the U.S.A
small business which enabled me to work from a home office.  I was able to
finish work at 2.30pm and pick up my 3 kids from school, shuffle them
around NY to their various afterschool programs and get home around 6.  I
could get back to work after they were in bed.  I manufactured my products
in Australia so 9pm NY time was 11am Australia time.  I could deal with
the factory and any issues then.
Fortunately for me I had a house keeper to clean my house.  It really made
all the difference.  If my house is not in order then I am not.  My house
keeper was/is my hero.
After 13 years in the same business the market had been flooded with sun
protective swimwear, the Aussie dollar rose and manufacturing costs soared.  I was feeling
burnt out and in need of a change.
By chance I was approached by a start up company called ARM.  3 veterans
of the advertising production business had set out with a new
business model. They were providing a production department and business
affairs directly to Ad Agencies and/or direct to clients.
It was a big change for me.  One I was very excited about.  Not really
knowing what my role would be I dived in and took on any task as a
challenge.  Having owned my own business was a great advantage and after a
year I was given my title as Director of Operations.

This opportunity came at the perfect time.  My first daughter was a senior
at high school.  My second was in 11th grade and clearly did not come to
me for anything other than money and my son was very easy going, in 8th
grade and also very independent.

I was 48 at the time.  What perfect timing to start something new.  I love
my job.  I love the industry and the people I work with.  I have been very

So I think I managed to juggle it all by understanding what was important
to me in my life.  Finding a career that satisfied my needs, being
organized and outsourcing what I could not manage myself.

3. You seem to have found a balance between career and play and live in
one of the most stressful city's-NY and you handle the stress seemingly
effortlessly. How do you do that?

Anyone living and working in NY is stressed.  It is part of the
I'd have to say 'Keeping it Real', not getting ahead of myself. Trying
not to compare myself to others, being happy with what I have.
I have always made time for myself.  If we don't take
care of ourselves we are of no use to anyone else.  Being 'me' and not
just someone's mother or wife has made all the difference.
Staying connected to my circle of women friends.  Sisterhood
and the power of women together will always keep us resilient.
Respecting my marriage and what that stands for and understanding that it
also needs nurturing has made me find balance.

4.  What kind of advice can you offer a woman in her 40's or 50's to feel
better about themselves and more confident?

Accept the body you were given and love it.  All women are feminine,
powerful, sexual creatures and should be adored by the opposite sex.  When we truly
believe in ourselves every thing falls into place.  Admiration for other
women and their accomplishments is also so important.

5.It seems you have started with a new company since your kids have
gotten older. What challenges did you face doing that? (if you did)

I did not have a lot of challenges because I was open to learning
something new.  I have no agenda.  I take direction well and I can say 'I
don't know how to do that but I will find out'.  I am a hard worker and I
have a very positive attitude.  I wake up happy every day and my cup is
always 'half full'.

6.  Since your kids are older now is there any wisdom you can impart on
any of the moms with younger kids who are reading in terms of how to make
it all fit and work?

 Don't sweat the small stuff.  Remember no one will love your kids the
way you do so keep them grounded, set boundaries that you can maintain.
Follow through on every judgement call (well, 90% of the time because no
one is perfect).  I once read that children measure our love not on how
many times you tell them you love them but on your actions and the time
you spend with them.  Make that time quality time.  That does not mean you
need to be out doing something fantastic all the time. It is time when you
listen to them and learn from them, sharing and caring for their little
lives. Action speak louder than words.  Being a good role model by doing
what really pleases you.  If you really want to be a stay at home mum
embrace that.  If you really need to have a career have it. Just be happy
and the rest of the family will follow suit.

7. Lastly, what is your daily routine now? You always seem to manage your
time perfectly! How do you do it?

 I go to bed early!! I need 8 hours to function properly. I take my dog
Lola to Central Park most mornings so she can be off her leash so I am up
early!  Regardless of the weather being outdoors first thing in the
morning is a great way to clear your head and just breath.  I start work
at 10am, which I love. I work out at Sfactor twice a week and take a yoga
class whenever I feel the need. I don't miss meals.  If I go out at night
it is during the week.  Week ends have always been reserved for family.
I have raised independent resourceful children.  We are very close but
they are not needy. I love having my friends around me.  Dinner parties
are my favorite way to entertain.  I have a loving husband who allows me
the freedom to be me.  I am intense, yet not overbearing.  I have high
expectations of those I love.  I am learning all the time to relax but
being on the move has always been a big part of who I am.  I don't eat
meat or fish and I think that keeps my energy level high. I smile a lot.
I get a lot done every day.

Wow! Such amazing, sage words of wisdom and advice we all can follow. Keep life real, listen to yourself and love who you are. Very powerful indeed.  Thank you so very, very, much to Venessa for sharing her story!!
Next week we will learn from Julie about her inspirations on life.  In the meantime please continue to find love from within and keep it simple!

Monday, June 18, 2012


This time of year when we're out in the sun more and in the chlorinated pool more our skin and hair tend to get really dry.  If you're like me and you don't have extra time or money to go to get spa treatments here are a couple you can do at home with ingredients you probably own.
For your hair, a great hot oil treatment is to heat olive oil up in a pan adding a few drops of honey or vitamin E. Stir it around til mixed and place on hair for 15 minutes.  Place a towel around your head to keep the heat in. Then shower it out.

For your face,  crack an egg (which contains vitamins A, D, K and E), separating out the yolk into a bowl. Add in a little  honey which hydrates and has skin-plumping properties , whisk them together, apply and let dry for 10 to 15 minutes before removing with a damp cloth.
Do both of these treatments at once for double the benefits!  In minutes you'll have hydrated, healthy skin and hair.  Simple and beautiful!

Friday, June 15, 2012


So not all of us have to great fortune of gorgeous skin without makeup.  Most of us need a little helping hand everyday to attain perfection.  The look of nothing on with a little something on(if you know what I mean?)  I am loving Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation for just that reason.  It combines HD radiance so it's great at covering up imperfections but it has water from the deep sea of Rausu, Japan so it hydrates and heals your skin at the same time!! It also contains an spf 15 which in this day and age is a definite priority.  I love it for all my gals but mostly for my ladies over the age of 40 who really depend on hydration to achieve that youthful look.  It is so lightweight that it stays away from the fine lines and can be worn every day.  With light diffusing properties you will radiate health and beauty. How simple is that?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I thought I would take time to mention someone who hasn't been mentioned lately but who in my opinion epitomizes my "Simple Beaute" philosophy.  This woman, who is 43 and looking gorgeous, has grace, confidence and is incredibly beautiful just on her own-her natural beauty shines through and she knows it! It's Jennifer Aniston.  She is a beauty icon in my opinion-her hairstyles for years have made news and set trends.  Her makeup is always soft and natural and she never strays from her true self and that is something I admire most.  She recently was shot at the Rock of Ages after party looking true to her beautiful style.  Soft makeup complimenting her gorgeous skin. Try NARS multi purpose body oil with Tahitian oil to achieve this look. Then two days ago she was photographed leaving Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris wearing an outfit that some called weird. I thought she looked tres chic.  As my husband knows, I love harem pants, and denim ones-Wow!  What I'm saying is that we all need to honor ourselves and pick something about our appearance to play up.  Like Jen does. So simply and beautifully!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 minute Natural Makeup Routine


Anne Hathaway showed up at Stella McCartneys Resort Collection party two days ago looking super cute with her short do for her Les Miz role.  I love this look on Anne.  I think summer is a great time to go short. Especially if your kids are home from school and you have like zero time to get ready in the morning.  I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about.  This look is so chic yet simple. My favorite!! With barely any effort you look hip and modern.  For day, apply a lip stain like Just Bitten by Revlon which I mentioned a week ago and for night take a thin brush wet it and apply a thin line of dark shadow just above the lash line to really pop the eye. A very cute look that suits just about anyone.
Simply and Beautifully.  Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


L'oreal Paris is one of my favorite drugstore lines.  I find many of their products innovative and the quality is excellent.  You all know I love Voluminous mascara.  In fact, they have a new one in a gold package called Voluminous Million Lashes that is my new fav. But today I'm mentioning another new fav of mine, Double Extend Eye Illuminator.  What's great is that it takes the tricks us makeup artists have learned and gives them to you in one little pencil. One end is a smudge proof eyeliner that goes on silky smooth in four great colors corresponding to your own eye color and the other end is an illuminating pencil to use in the water line of the eye to great larger, sparkling eyes.  What you do is take the colored end and just sweep from the inside corner of the eye to the outside to pull out the eye color. Then with the illuminating end press gently on the lower lash line to pop out the inside rim of the eye "the water line." Sweep the illuminating color there.  You'll see instant brightened eyes. Simply and beautifully!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


So I love working with false lashes because the actually make my job easier in a sense.  They pop the eye without having to use tons of makeup.  Most recently I have discovered a beautiful lash line called Lash Republic.  Their lashes are all handmade and work for every type of eye and every occasion. Their natural feeling because they are lightweight and flexible.  They don't have a thick band connecting the lashes so they look really natural as well which makes them easy to apply.  I find the trick to putting on lashes is to let the glue dry just a bit before placing the lashes against the lashline of the eye.  Also,  if you start the lashes a little further from the inside corner of the eye and trim the end  it will look and feel more natural.  Use your fingers to place lash onto the eye and press gently with the handle of a makeup brush for 10 seconds. If you mess up a little use liquid black liner to seal the line.   Apply a light shadow and mascara and that's it. Beautiful eyes. Simply and easily!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


I wanted to show you my natural makeup application. This is my daily taking care of kids, even working (when I'm not on camera,) makeup application. I think a natural look, accentuating features, is more beautiful than anything. And we all have that so let's play it up!! I am actually giving you a sneaky peak of two of my own makeup products from my new "SimpleBeauteByDedra" makeup line that I'm developing. Just to let you know I really walk the walk! I believe wholeheartedly in my philosophy of "Simple" beauty that I'm creating a whole line of products around it! Ok on to the application. First take a foundation/ concealer stick like mine here. It is two products in one so it conceals like concealer but blends like a foundation and it also has spf 18! Ha! Starting in the center of the face and under your eyes apply the product like so, where you need it the most, and blend out using a BEAUTY BLENDER(which I love) so by the time you get to the outside of your face the product is featheredto nothing. Even skin tone=natural finish. Then take a cream blush like mine from SimpleBeauteByDedra and smile to apply. Right in the apple of your cheeks. It adds a nice pop of color without creating an unnatural appearance. Then just apply mascara. I love Voluminous by Loreal and your done! Simple and Beautiful! Natural and easy!

step 1 apply foundation
step 2 blend out

step 3 apply cream blush