Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreaded Dark Circles

I get asked about this problem often. It seems so many woman are afflicted with dark circles. For many people it is unfortunately hereditary. There are however things that can be done to minimize the appearance. Using an eye cream with retinol and vitamin K can help because many people who have dark circles have a deficiency of vitamin K in their diet. Philosophy makes an eye cream that actually works. Also, as I've talked about in an earlier post, we MUST all wear concealer!! The most important cosmetic you can own!!! Choosing a color that is slightly warm(having a tinge of orange)will counteract the blue hue under the eyes. Look at the mirror, tip your chin down slightly, now you'll see where to apply the bulk of your product. Then blend up towards the eye and voila! No more darkness!!
Remember putting the concentration of the product where it's needed most and blending out keeps you looking the most natural.
Keeping it Simple!