Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Solange Knowles is so hot right now!! Everywhere you turn, there she is.  This week she turns a sweet young age of 26.  I love that she is finding her own path and certainly has kudos the style and spunk of her very famous sister.  I love that she keeps it natural and simple in her appearance as well.  She has a super exuberance about her and incredibly confidence.  Here she keeps it real with natural makeup and hair and just a splash of color in her lip. To get this lustrous lip try The Kate Collection by Rimmel in 01.  It's a great new red by Kate Moss which has incredible staying power. The price is great too at around $8. Leave it Solange to know exactly what to wear and where to wear it!!  Happy birthday Solange!

*Beauty Tip: To get a perfect red lip apply lipstick almost to lip line but not quite.  Then use a corresponding red lip liner to line your lip.  That sequence insures a perfect pout every time!!