Thursday, June 28, 2012


So I talk about empowering yourself by allowing your inner beauty to shine through.  That might seem a daunting task to some or a bit confusing for others.   Follow the simple tasks below, your inner beauty will definitely shine through!

The quickest attitude adjustment is through reflection. Women who have low self esteem often avoid mirrors like the plague. However, mirrors can become a big ally. Muster your courage to look in the mirror and pick out one thing you like about your appearance. Put your focus there!!
The way you use your beauty products will make all the difference in results.  Massage your scalp when washing your hair.  Focus on treating yourself to that. While rinsing, lift your hair away from your scalp for about two minutes until it squeaks.
Don't worry about looking pretty. Look pretty amazing. show the world you care about yourself. Take 2 extra minutes everyday for yourself. Try applying lavender oil to your skin right after showering to promote smooth skin, add a couple curls to your hair, dab a spot of perfume.  Real beauty celebrates individuality. Rather than running around looking for beauty in pricey external products, discover within yourself. Make the most of what you have. You'll learn to like yourself and that will spark a light within.
Do One Thing For Yourself Everyday 
Make yourself do it. It's the ultimate act of self-respect. Soak in the bubble bath or read an inspiring book. Take a 5 minute break and sit quietly and breathe visualizing a peaceful you. Cut fresh flowers. Prepare healthy meals-with you in mind. These little pleasures allow you to feel special. 
Listen To Your Inner Voice
This is most important. Each of us has a voice inside. This is like a therapist. It will guide us in the right direction. It will calm us down, cheer us up and even help us figure out why we're overeating or not bothering to iron our clothes. The problem is that we often don't take time we need to hear this important information. Schedule some quiet time in a leisurely bath or walk, or even while putting on your makeup. 

Taking the time for yourself is a simple way to promote beauty both inside and out!!