Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So for all of you exfoliating junkies I want to turn you on to the Clarisonic.  My latest obsession.  It is a skin cleansing brush.  The bristles actually move 300 times per second! Unbelievable!!  It is actually taking exfoliation and cleansing to a whole different level. By moving that fast the brush is actually opening and closing the pores at a very fast rate to pull dirt, makeup and dead skin out of the pores.  It makes your skin 6 TIMES cleaner and therefore your products work 61 percent better!! chaching!!!  Check it out at http:www.clarisonic.com.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, I'm not a big foundation person because I truly believe the natural skin is more beautiful than anything out of a bottle but if you need or want to wear it here is what I suggest.  Make sure you use the right color for your skin.  Seems simple,  right?  You'd be surprised.    Let me tell you how to match it.    Look at your face in the mirror.  Usually the center of your face is the darkest so I generally like to match to that.  Take either the nose or the center part of the cheek and match to that.  Then when you apply your foundation, start your application in the center as well and blend out so the least amount of the product hits the outside of the face. Takes away the "line on the chin" look that is so attractive!