Thursday, October 3, 2013


Ok, so heres the thing.  I have a makeup line, dedra.  I tell women everyday how fabulous my line is, because it is.  I love the way it illuminates the skin and highlights ones features.  I love how it evens the skin tone without looking cakey or heavy.  But ultimately, deep in my soul and heart, I DON'T feel that you  NEED makeup.  I think ultimately beauty comes from the inside out.  We are all products of how we are feeling on the inside.  Think about someone that you know that you find beautiful.  What qualities do they have?  I can promise you that what you find beautiful about them is what is resonating inside.  So herein lies the crux.  Taking time every single day to love yourself is paramount.  This is an easier said then done.  Truly taking time to honor and love yourself takes dedication and commitment because for many of us it doesn't come naturally.  For mothers, putting the oxygen mask on before our kids is such a foreign concept but it's one that need to happen for both of you to survive.
Meditating daily on your "awesomeness" helps you to believe that you ARE "awesome."  Because my friends you truly are.  We all are.  Every single one of us is awesome in our own way.  The challenge is believing and owning it!!
So I am making a pact with you.  From this day forward, to show my beauty, I am going to practice believing in my awesomeness.  I hope you can make that pact back to me and together we can grow into the most beautiful people we can be!!

If you'd like to listen to a recent radio program I did with Sharon McWilliams where I tell my story to recognize and realize my inner beauty the link is listed below.