Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the importance of eye cream

So I was thinking this morning as I was going through my morning ritual of potions and lotions, how important eye cream really is. I also wish that I had been told that at a very early age.....like 7. When the skin is so beautifully full of collagen and not a wrinkle is to be found anywhere. But alas, when I was growing up nobody even used sunscreen let alone eye cream. So now I am burdened with lovely crows feet or more eloquently put, laugh lines. Not that they bother me so much but as you already know, you can't cover them up with makeup. You can "diminish the appearance" of them and "buff them out" but once you own them, they're yours forever. So here's the thing, eye cream. Now and forever. The skin around the eye is more delicate and needs special attention. Sometimes it is darker and sometimes it is puffy. Sometimes, and most times, it is dehydrated and if you want to wear concealer(as you now know is so important) you definitely need to wear eye cream under it so the pigment won't "grab". Philosophy even came out with one for all eye needs called "eye hope" that is absolutely fab and doesn't require hope-it truly works. How simple is that?! It has two anti aging ingredients to stop more problems arising. Again, what's going on under your makeup is just as important as what's going on on top!

Monday, May 18, 2009

smokey evening eyes

If you want to create a little drama on your eyes for evening, think of using a smudgy eye liner to form a nice smokey look.  Take a dark black or even blue or purple liner and rim your eye.  Blend from the base of the eyelid up.  Using the smudgy point of the liner smudge out the lower lashline.  If you take your pointer and middle finger and pull the outside  corner of the eye apart, you can really extend the color out and up for added effect.  Remember to always prep your eye with either a primer or foundation and powder for lasting effect.  Add some shimmer to the brow bone to catch the light and that's it, gorgeous, sexy eyes!

Monday, May 4, 2009

how to make pretty eyes?

So, you want to learn how to do your eyes?  Lot's of women ask me this question.  I can give you some really easy quick tips.
First, take a look at your eyes in the mirror.  Do they look close together or far apart?  If you have wide spaced eyes, you want to put the DARKER shade of color in the inside corner of the eyelid.  If you have more close space eyes you want to put your LIGHTER  shade of color in the inside corner.
It's a term we use in the business called "highlighting and contouring".  It helps give the illusion that you want to create.
After you apply your darker/lighter shade of color then use the opposite color on the rest of the eye.   You can line your lash line with a dark shadow or eye pencil to pop the eye more and  that's it.  Apply mascara always and Voila!
Keeping it simple will always create a beautiful, clean eye.