Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One of my favorite mature beauties, Lauren Hutton, has such great style.  I had the pleasure of working with her several years ago and her beauty style was simple-less is definitely more. One thing that she had figured out is that on mature skin such as hers, hydration is the key. A fabulous moisturizer and illuminator like PRAIbeauty Radiant Day Caviar Flawless Finish corrects and replenishes age-related skin while imparting a smooth, flawless finish.  Use it alone or under a nice creamy concealer like Bobbi Browns award winning Creamy Concealer Kit.  I like the texture of this so much because it blends out nicely in a feathered fashion, you don't even need to wear foundation. It will set you skin for a nice cream blush and eyeshadow to pop the features.  Try Stila Covertible Color for lips and cheeks and for eyes as well. The warm hue will pop the eye and tie the whole face together. The creamy texture is great for mature eyes especially. Many of my older clients complain of smudged liner. I always steer clear of liner with these gals.  I like to use a dark shadow to pop the eye by wetting a flat brush.  By pressing into the lashline the eyes get accentuated without looking like you got socked in the eye. It's super simple to do. Especially with Laura Mercier's flat eyeliner brush.  It's literally foolproof.  Great for sensitive eyes too!
So there it is. Simple beauty for simply gorgeous mature women!!