Thursday, March 22, 2012


There are more mascara’s out there than I even want to think about and just about as many opinions about which one is the best one. There is such variation in price as well.  From $4 to $24. I know for a fact though that my favorite is the best!! Voluminous by L’Oreal Paris. It volumizes (hence the name.) It lengths. It separates and is not clumpy at all. It doesn’t flake.  But the thing that I like the most about it is that it doesn’t smell bad.  So many mascaras just plain stink! I can’t have that for myself or most importantly, my clients.  The price is right too. Around $7 depending on where you shop. This mascara is as good or better than any high priced competitor. You get the look of high end without putting a dent in your pocketbook. Simply and beautifully!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kate Moss at the Ritz for Vogue

Wow!  On so many levels this story is amazing. The hair, makeup, styling, and most importantly the location.  I mean how can you go wrong when you are shooting at the Ritz in Paris?  I love the attention to every detail and the photography is so pure and adds history and a sense of mystique to the piece.  It’s editorial pieces like this that give me so much inspiration.  So beautiful.

Monday, March 19, 2012

One of My Favs

I have mentioned Maracuja oil before and I want to talk about it again.  This time of year when the weather is changing and it's warm one day, freezing the next our skin really takes a beating.  The one thing that keeps mine nourished and consistent is Maracuja oil. Tarte makes the best composition of it.  It's non greasy and extremely hydrating and moisturizing.  They also are using it in their divine shine lip glosses. So you get all the benefits of the oil in a plumping, hydrating gloss.  Simple and Beautiful!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love the Chub!

My new obsession for spring and summer are these chubby lip pencils. The texture is creamy like a lipstick or balm due to the vitamin E but it comes in these oversized pencils.  The convenience factor is to die for.  I also love how they have great staying power like a stain. These are gonna be my new go to for the next few months. Clinique makes a beautiful one in eight great colors. As does NARS. You gotta check them out! Add a snap of color simply and beautifully!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Enough To Eat

My new favorite product line for the body is Jacqua. Both me and my BFF Camille L-O-V-E our BFF Buttercream Frosting Lotion.  It also comes in a body butter which is really good right now when the weather makes everything so dry.  They have a wide variety of products from pumpkin face scrubs to bergamot body wash to pink champagne hand cream.  All of these wonderful flavors and scents are good enough to eat!  They don’t add pounds but they leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. You can find them online at

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lip Butter Balms

So the latest trend in lips are these moisturizing lipstick/balm combos. I love them because you can add color like a lipstick but moisturizing like a lip balm. I’m one of those girls who always likes to have something on my lips even if I’m not wearing any other makeup. Especially for summer. I have found two that I like. For the higher end girls I like Gorgio Armani’s.,default,pd.html?dwvar_A1353_color=300&start=1&cgid=lipstick&cgid=new-products Beautiful colors and really hydrating.
If your budget is restrictive try Revlon’s butter balm For about $4 these balms really moisturize and I love the colors, especially Cotton Candy. Perfect for summer. Simple and beautiful!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence-The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games premiered last night here in Los Angeles and although I did not get to do Jennifer Lawrence's makeup I wanted to say she is on my "hot" list this week.  I thought she looked stunning. I loved her dress and especially her makeup and hair.  I always love a good smokey eye and nude lip and with her beautiful skin and gorgeous features, the look was flawless. In my upcoming videos I teach an easy way to achieve a smokey eye so stay on the look out for that.  Remember when playing up one feature, like eyes, it has more impact when you downplay another. Such as a natural or nude lip.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Summer Shimmer

Since we have officially done Daylights Savings time I thought I'd introduce some thoughts on summer to you.  For summer I always love to pare down on the makeup routine. Keep it simple and light. One really awesome way to do that is by using tinted moisturizers instead of our heavier counterpart, foundation. This summer is no exception and with the introduction of the new Beauty Balm simplicity takes on a whole new meaning.
First off let’s talk about tinted moisturizers. I love them because they add just a bit of color, enough to even out the skin tone but not enough to give the impression you’re wearing makeup. This summer NARS has come out with a beautiful one in 9 shades that also has illuminous properties to really give you summers healthy glow.
Several Companies are also making beauty balms. Beauty balms are moisturizers,  primer and tints all in one. So it’s great for travel because it’s only one product that you need to pack. Too Faced makes a great one in 4 shades that also has anti-aging properties.
Both the NARS and the Too Faced products have spf 20 and higher. That is the most important tip for summer. Sunscreen. The best preventative, anti-aging tool you can do for your skin.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

IF you have...

 Dark Spots or HypoPigmentation there are many, many products out there on the market for them.  Unfortunately most are bleaching creams and really don’t work.  They bleach out the skin around the age spot but not the spot directly. Philosophy makes a product that I like for age spots and it doesn’t contain bleach,Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone that creates sensitivities in skin. It is their Miracle Work Dark Spot Corrector.  It works in 5 ways to lighten the spot as well as treating the skin underneath the spot, the surrounding skin and possible spots that haven’t occurred yet.  It contains 2 lightening agents and 2 antioxidants. These all form a cocktail that works well, miracles. I like it because it’s one product working 5 ways. So you get beauty simply.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Less Sometimes is More

I understand the meaning of a budget for sure so I am always on the search for products that maybe less expensive than the higher end lines but still pack in the punch.
Recently I discovered an amazing eyeshadow pallette by Maybelline that is so awesome for evening, you won’t need anything else. It’s called “Maybelline-Eye Studio Color Explosion." And it really is explosive! It comes in all these amazingly fun colors. Use one or two or play with the whole kit if you’re daring!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makeup Trends 2012

Hot off the runways! I’ve chosen the makeup looks that I think are easy for anyone to try. Pick one area to play up and keep the rest of the face simple.  I like that motto all year round really.
Essentially its vintage paired with modern.
Red lip but maybe a glossy, or dark almost chocolate red lip.

Modern Cat eye
Really extended out or for fun try a new bright color. Like Nars eyeshadow pencil in Dark-Rite.


Strong Brows
This is great for spring. Cause it’s clean and hip at the same time. 

Radiant, Healthy Cheeks
Get inspired by the spring weather to start working out. Or at least look like you do!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Spring Fever

Wanna beat the doldrums of winter? Try KohGenDo Lavender Pink Primer. It instantly improves skins appearance by creating a soft pink healthy glow. While the hint of lavender counteracts sallow yellow left from winters weary ways.
Use all over the face or highlight anywhere you want to give extra attention to.