Friday, June 15, 2012


So not all of us have to great fortune of gorgeous skin without makeup.  Most of us need a little helping hand everyday to attain perfection.  The look of nothing on with a little something on(if you know what I mean?)  I am loving Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation for just that reason.  It combines HD radiance so it's great at covering up imperfections but it has water from the deep sea of Rausu, Japan so it hydrates and heals your skin at the same time!! It also contains an spf 15 which in this day and age is a definite priority.  I love it for all my gals but mostly for my ladies over the age of 40 who really depend on hydration to achieve that youthful look.  It is so lightweight that it stays away from the fine lines and can be worn every day.  With light diffusing properties you will radiate health and beauty. How simple is that?

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