Sunday, April 1, 2012


Don't let that cakey overdone makeup look have you fooled into thinking that's beautiful! No Sir! There's nothing more beautiful than natural skin.  You can't buy that in a bottle.  A little gloss, concealer, mascara and there you go. You look 16 again! Well, sorta.

Now if you need more than that, and quite frankly most of us do, try using a light illuminating foundation like Armani Cosmetics "Luminous Silk" foundation. Get all the glow youth brings. It's like stepping into a time machine. The effect is light diffusing, soft and subtle. Like silk. Perfect for all skin types. Simply and beautifully.

Tip: no makeup look.
After exfoliating your skin try using one of the new BB lotions on the market. I love Too Faced. They moisturize, protect, work on anti aging and even out skin tone all-in-one.

You can find Armani's luminous silk foundation at this link.