Monday, March 12, 2012

Summer Shimmer

Since we have officially done Daylights Savings time I thought I'd introduce some thoughts on summer to you.  For summer I always love to pare down on the makeup routine. Keep it simple and light. One really awesome way to do that is by using tinted moisturizers instead of our heavier counterpart, foundation. This summer is no exception and with the introduction of the new Beauty Balm simplicity takes on a whole new meaning.
First off let’s talk about tinted moisturizers. I love them because they add just a bit of color, enough to even out the skin tone but not enough to give the impression you’re wearing makeup. This summer NARS has come out with a beautiful one in 9 shades that also has illuminous properties to really give you summers healthy glow.
Several Companies are also making beauty balms. Beauty balms are moisturizers,  primer and tints all in one. So it’s great for travel because it’s only one product that you need to pack. Too Faced makes a great one in 4 shades that also has anti-aging properties.
Both the NARS and the Too Faced products have spf 20 and higher. That is the most important tip for summer. Sunscreen. The best preventative, anti-aging tool you can do for your skin.