Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Gisele Bundchen is the face of Esprit. And what a beautiful face indeed!  I love these ads too. They bring such relevance to a line that I feel had kinda been lost.  The clothes are simple and classic. And the ads are so simple in style but beautiful and elegant.  What I love the most is it looks as though Gisele is wearing little or no makeup.  I'm sure she is of course but her natural beauty transcends anything a makeup can do.  My philosophy on makeup always is the unveil ones inner beauty not mask it and I approach every client that way. Try looking in the mirror and pick your favorite feature and then highlight that. Put your focus there.  Not on what you DON'T like about yourself.  Using a product like Cream Cheeks Trio by Smashbox can help highlight cheeks and bring color to them without looking like your wearing makeup at all. Just like beautiful Gisele here.  Keeping your look simple and beautiful is always best!