Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Makeup

Want to create a dramatic New Year's Eve makeup look inspired by the runway? Mix uptown and downtown influences. Experiment with metallics and more daring colors for shadow. Think metallic silver and gold to add drama to the eyelids. Caviar liquid liner gives eyes a smoldering, smoky eye effect that stands out by candlelight…or strobe light. Don't skip (or skimp on) foundation, which creates a seamless complexion and lasts well into the wee hours when misted with a can of Evian water, held 8 inches from your face. Apply powder for extra staying power. Lips get accented with shiny red this season. False lashes and a touch of bronzer give the final accents for evening

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Trends for next year!

Dior Spring 2011 Makeup Collection
Dior Spring 2011 Makeup Collection
It seems that the most refined grays pop up on the market as the most inspiring tones for the next year. The Dior Spring 2011 makeup collection is based around the endless shades of this color that radiates a high class aura as well as elegance. Take a closer peek at the complete line of makeup products that furnish you with all the key items that should feature in the makeup kit of a real beauty bunny for 2011.

Minimalism meets elegance in an outstanding way in the next makeup collection launched by the over-popular beauty brand Dior. The collection indeed is sculpted around the visual effect of gray in combination with pink which has a deeper essence than just the matching of two complementary and harmoniously vibrating hues. Indeed as creators claim the main source of inspiration for the Dior Spring 2011 makeup collection is a little town in Normandy where Christian Dior spent his childhood. Moreover pink and gray are some of the colors the fashion guru associated with those years.

Therefore the line echoes the old time atmosphere mirrored by the classy packaging as well as the eye shadow and lip makeup color palette. Additionally designers also claim that the very first Dior store on Avenue Montaigne also had a tremendous impact on the creative process of the makeup sets envisioned for the arrival of the spring. Gray was never this elegant and overwhelming as it is presented in the unique and charming makeup products for the first half of 2011.

Friday, December 24, 2010

makeup for the holidays

In general, most holiday events happen in the evening. Even if they don't, as special engagements, you can follow the basic evening makeup advice. The essence of an evening look is to darken up your favorite daytime colors. In general, there is no need to take a step away from your own personality just to look spruced up. If you are most comfortable in your current look, enhancing it for a little extra evening contrast creates a nice holiday makeup presentation.