Monday, June 11, 2012


So I love working with false lashes because the actually make my job easier in a sense.  They pop the eye without having to use tons of makeup.  Most recently I have discovered a beautiful lash line called Lash Republic.  Their lashes are all handmade and work for every type of eye and every occasion. Their natural feeling because they are lightweight and flexible.  They don't have a thick band connecting the lashes so they look really natural as well which makes them easy to apply.  I find the trick to putting on lashes is to let the glue dry just a bit before placing the lashes against the lashline of the eye.  Also,  if you start the lashes a little further from the inside corner of the eye and trim the end  it will look and feel more natural.  Use your fingers to place lash onto the eye and press gently with the handle of a makeup brush for 10 seconds. If you mess up a little use liquid black liner to seal the line.   Apply a light shadow and mascara and that's it. Beautiful eyes. Simply and easily!!