Wednesday, October 30, 2013


When I created my makeup line dedra,  my intention was to develop a line of products that were so easy to use, anyone from a novice no makeup wearer to a professional makeup artist could use them without any fear.  I wanted products that you didn't need to use brushes with.  Products that could be used in a multitude of places saving you time, money and stress.  I came up with the concept of "car makeup" because like so many women, I am on the go constantly.  Maybe not in the car always but on a train or a plane.  We are always running from one thing to the next.  And for moms it's a constant shuttle from school to work to sports practices.  Taking a few minutes to feel better about ourselves is sometimes just not in the schedule.  I wanted women to have products that helped them, not create more headache.  My line of 6 products can be used in conjunction with each other to create looks that can easily transform you from day to night,  natural to naughty.  Here is an example of one of my products, my 3-in-1, eyes, lips and cheek palette.  It comes with 3 fabulous cream colors that any skin tone can  use on their eyes, lips and cheeks.  Unlike convertibles, dedra's 3-in-1 is FDA approved for your eyes so you can truly use the colors anywhere.  The best part is they can be applied with your fingers or the applicators provided.  I've also created 4 different looks with this one product so you can see how versatile it truly is. If you are interested in more of my no brush required, on the go makeup,  they can be found on my website,
And remember, beauty is as beauty does.  Let love reign and come from your heart.  True beauty always comes from within!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The trick to covering under eye circles lies in the placement of the product. And how do you figure out where that is? The easiest way is by tipping your chin down and looking into the mirror. Try it now. Find a mirror. Tilt your chin downward. Now look in the mirror.  Do you notice the darkness is greater. Now put your chin up. See it's harder to see them.  So if you really want to place your product correctly tilt your chin down, apply the product where the discoloration is greatest and blend up from there. Voila!  Pretty, fresh appearance!

*Did you know that  adding under eye concealer adds 10 hours of sleep to your appearance? Yep! That's why I wouldn't leave home without it.
Try my Creme Foundation Stick for under eye concealing, evening out skin tone and for all over coverage.  It's like 3 products in one!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Ok, so heres the thing.  I have a makeup line, dedra.  I tell women everyday how fabulous my line is, because it is.  I love the way it illuminates the skin and highlights ones features.  I love how it evens the skin tone without looking cakey or heavy.  But ultimately, deep in my soul and heart, I DON'T feel that you  NEED makeup.  I think ultimately beauty comes from the inside out.  We are all products of how we are feeling on the inside.  Think about someone that you know that you find beautiful.  What qualities do they have?  I can promise you that what you find beautiful about them is what is resonating inside.  So herein lies the crux.  Taking time every single day to love yourself is paramount.  This is an easier said then done.  Truly taking time to honor and love yourself takes dedication and commitment because for many of us it doesn't come naturally.  For mothers, putting the oxygen mask on before our kids is such a foreign concept but it's one that need to happen for both of you to survive.
Meditating daily on your "awesomeness" helps you to believe that you ARE "awesome."  Because my friends you truly are.  We all are.  Every single one of us is awesome in our own way.  The challenge is believing and owning it!!
So I am making a pact with you.  From this day forward, to show my beauty, I am going to practice believing in my awesomeness.  I hope you can make that pact back to me and together we can grow into the most beautiful people we can be!!

If you'd like to listen to a recent radio program I did with Sharon McWilliams where I tell my story to recognize and realize my inner beauty the link is listed below.