Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Two of my favorite celebrities are having birthdays this month.  Kate Hudson and Ashley

I love them both cause they embody my philosophy of beauty on a simple level.
Both are strong women who seem to juggle professional and personal lives with grace
and ease and they both look beautiful with a lot or a little makeup on. They make it all
look effortless.

Recently I saw the most gorgeous picture of Kate Hudson with her mom
at an event and she was glowing. She emanates beauty and health, inside and out.  

Ashley Judd is an amazing actress who isnĘžt afraid to leave the makeup off for a role but
looks just as beautiful made up for an event.

She most recently has taken heat for her appearance due to using a steroid for an illness.
I applaud her standing up for herself and discussing what truly is important- who we are inside,
not what we look like on the outside.