Thursday, April 23, 2009


ok, let's talk a bit about what is going on underneath that makeup that you are learning how to do.  that should really be our jumping off point.  it is definitely the most important element to your makeup application.  if your skin isn't well hydrated and polished, it won't matter how much you do or spend.  i recommend using an exfoliant twice a week to remove dead skin cells (yuck!) and using a retinol product every night.  then making sure you moisturize and apply sunscreen during the day.  Philosophy makes 2 products that i love that have dramatically changed my skin. They make a great daily exfoliating wash so your washing and exfoliating at the same time. How great is that for us busy women?  The crystals are small enough that they won't tear the skin but active enough to buff fine lines. The other product is their "help me" retinol cream for night.  Talk about resurfacing!!  Then moisturize and wait a couple of minutes before applying any makeup.  If you take care of your skin you'll be surprised at how little makeup you actually need.  Remember, beautiful, natural skin is prettier than anything out of a bottle!