Saturday, January 19, 2013


Creating beauty from the inside out is easier that it may seem.  I have found that when we really take the time for ourselves daily, whether it be 5 minutes or 50, changes occur.  One of my favorite ways to "honor" and "love" myself is thru "mindful application." Instead of hurrying thru your beauty routine focus on how you wash your face, really massaging your skin and neck.  Applying a  hot compress also really soothes and relaxes our body as we prepare our skin for treatments.  And that is what I can all the lotions and potions that are added after a wash. By treating your skin with a mist of rose water your hydrating your face as well as awakening your senses.  I love to press my maracuja oil into my skin while slightly damp letting the face absorb all that great moisture.
By giving yourself this time, nurturing and paying attention, the mind shifts and love occurs. This transcends thru the rest of our day and beyond.

Are there any beauty regimes that make you feel honored and help start your day?

Monday, January 14, 2013

GET IT NOW...40% 0FF!!


I thought the stars were definitely shining at last nights Golden Globes presentation.  Usually there are some big misses but honestly I thought the stars were shining brightly last night.  Not only was Jodie Fosters speech quite moving, she looked the best she ever has in my opinion.  Her hair was a perfect length and style and her makeup was strong yet clean.  I think the thing that made her look most beautiful was her confidence.  Something it sounds that has been hard fought!

I also absolutely loved the way Jessica Chastain looked.  Her hair, makeup and dress were perfection. Simple and elegant.  The right shade of lip to give her polished look a punch without going over the top.

But my absolute favorite of the evening definitely goes to Kate Hudson!! She hasn't been around for awhile or that I have seen and wow, she didn't disappoint. Striking, beautiful, simple elegance.
Creating a fine balance between natural beauty and glamour.
You know what I always say, simple beaute is always the best beauty there is!

What were your favorite looks from last night?  I'd love to know