Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Camille ready

So I get asked so much what goes into getting Camille Grammer of RHOBH ready for an event. Often times we don't have the luxury of time to get ready so we often tag team with her wonderful hairstylist Mitch Stone. It's not easy doing someones makeup while their hair is being pulled and curled. But after 16 years I know how to move with the flow if you know what I mean?!
I always start with moisturized skin. That's the most important element to beautiful foundation coverage. After her foundation I spot conceal. I then apply foundation to her eye area as well because it sets a nice base for eye makeup. Then we talk about color choices and how dramatic we want to go. Since Camille likes natural we always stay pretty clean. Neutrals and earth tones. If we want to go dramatic I will just apply more lashes and eyeliner.
So first I add a nice light base color all over the eye. Then I have her leave her eyes open and I apply a medium taupe in the crease to give her eye definition. Then, depending on the look, I apply a color just in the outer corner and blend in towards the center of her eyelid. That just pops the eye a bit. I line the eye with a cream liner and go over that with a dark shadow to soften it. Then mascara and lashes.
For her cheeks I always add a bright color in the apple by having her smile. It really brightens one's appearance. Then we do bronzer all over to tie it all together.
One thing I always do with my clients is to apply foundation all the way down the neck onto the decollete area to keep the skin looking flawless. Lip liner and gloss and we are done! Very easy!>

Remember apply concealer after foundation for a more natural appearance and to keep the mess to a minimum, try doing eyes first then foundation. What ever shadow has fallen can be wiped clean before doing the skin.