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Week 2 of my series on "Real Women of Inspiration" gives us a peak into the life of my friend Julie Piatt .  I've known Julie for many years.  I met her through my husband who did some custom furniture for her when she had a very successful  design business.  I think the thing that struck me the most about Julie was her incredible sense of confidence and an energy that said "I can move mountains. Watch me do it!"  All with the grace and ease of a gazelle.  She is a powerhouse of a woman.  Incredibly beautiful both on the outside and inside.   When the economy soured and Julie felt it's pressures she turned inward and found a new way.  Julie has always been able to juggle any path that she chooses and blends it seamlessly with her family of two older boys from a previous marriage and two girls from her  present marriage to Rich Roll with whom she has had many a journey with already. Between creating a vegan/raw cook book,  a progressive elementary school in her home and the release of her debut album which can be found at Whatever hurdles get in her way, there is no stopping Julie!
Still creating a very simple life style I was fascinated to learn how she does it.
1.  You are a natural beauty and you seem perfectly comfortable in who you are and how you look.  That is one reason I asked you to participate.  Can you share some advice for how to attain that inner confidence?

Finding out your hearts deepest desires is key.  The single most powerful practice for me is a humming meditation that I began years back.  I love it because it's easy to do any time and any place.  We have so much external stimulus that the humming helps to clear and tune you to your heart much like a tuning fork.  Then you can access some moments of connection. Then you can find out what your heart is yearning to express.

2. What is your beauty routine? Do you have some rituals or favorite products? If you'd like to discuss your plant based diet  this might be a great place to mention it as well.

Yoga, meditation and the practices of Ayurveda are my foundation of real beauty. Another level of conscious living for us is my husband Rich Roll and my Plant Power focus in our diets. Our hemp protein has excellent nutrients and I make sure I get this daily.   I also use coconut oils, turmeric, rose petals & dates in my blended drinks. I oil my skin with warm sesame oil especially in the colder windy months.  I try to bring feminine nurturing energy into my life experience as much as possible.  I am also a big fan of raw honey and bee pollen.   Finally I have my favorite French skin care line  Her exfoliating cleanser and tonic make my skin glow.  I get facials from Brigitte as I'm able.  You can find her at Christophe salon  in Beverly hills. She is an angel.

3.  You have 4 kids and are married, how have you managed to juggle your family and career with seemingly effortless ease?

We are a creative tribe that operates as a whole.  Each family member is equally nurtured and fed by the group.  We usually flow through the day and events with creativity and flexibility.  This is often chaotic and always interesting but there is a divine order in it.  By letting go the day arranges itself often miraculously.  My faith and experience in this force actually makes it effortless.  And things do manifest, books are released, albums are finished, paintings are sold  -just maybe not how we thought it would happen.  This can be challenging for Rich as he has training schedules and deadlines to meet.  But the process is working on him.

4. We met through my husband when he designed furniture for your design business. You have an ultra modern and simple house which is incredibly beautiful. I know you aren't doing that anymore. How has the transition been for you from one career to another?  Can you speak about your faith and belief?

We consider our house ,JAI house to be an actual member of our family.  She holds us and is the canvas for all we create here.

The transition from designer to musician was orchestrated as a direct result of the humming meditation I already spoke about.  As I hummed and cleared out the interference, the song stream opened.  Six years later I am releasing my first album and I am connected to my soul purpose.  It's not that I couldn't design or sculpt, it's that my primary design is to write and sing music. Without the humming, I may never have found it. 

5. Describe what the day in the life of Julie.

No two days are ever alike which makes our life interesting.  But it will include spiritual practice; yoga, meditation, vegan raw blends, recording studio with my sons who are in my band, homeschool with two other families, cooking, helping Rich with his book appearance scheduling, and a possible a live performance.

6. Through your Jai Lifestyle what is the one secret you have discovered and can share that has lead to your beautiful appearance?

That life is so precious.  I get to make my own choices and have my own experience.  It's my desire for life to be really meaningful.   It's a short ride here.  So every night when I lay down to sleep, I make sure I played it all out.  I never leave anything unsaid to Rich or my children.  I give as much as I'm physically, emotionally and spiritually able.  This makes for late nights and early days but its my blessing to serve my family.  We are all deeply connected and that family tribe thing we have is something amazing.  It's beautiful that we know just how precious it is.

Amazing words. Very simple yet powerful.   Never leave anything unsaid and always honor yourself with living the life you truly desire.  I absolutely agree how valuable a spiritual practice can be and should definitely be included in our daily lives on whatever level one can produce.  Find out more about Julie's Humming Meditation here

You can also find out more about her endurance athlete husband Rich and his journey, from his bestselling book "Finding Ultra" at

My gratitude goes out to Julie for sharing her extraordinary wisdom with us.

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