Monday, September 9, 2013


So I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, I must say. I have been looking over all the shots of the beauty girls at NYFW S 14,  and the makeup is in par with my aesthetics. It's in my "wheelhouse" so to speak. Clean, natural, beautiful skin. Allowing the natural gorgeousness to shine through!  So happy that many of the designers are celebrating the natural beauty of these women.
You too can celebrate your natural beauty as well.  Using many techniques that I talk about here.

Using exfoliants daily like the Clarisonic brush and mild scrubs like Juliques Purely Age-Defying Refining Treatment keep not only the skin clean but refine pores, reduce fine lines and keep the dead skin from building up allowing the products you use to really get in and work!

Also, drinking tons of water is essential for beautiful skin.  Detoxing daily with water not only hydrates your skin but keeps your insides running smoothly as well.

As far as makeup goes, as I always say, less is more. Pick a feature that you like and highlight it. Focusing on the positive not only keeps your energy in the right direction it helps you look your best.
If eyes are your thing, play them up with a nice complimentary liner or color. If you have beautiful lips adding a color that features them will draw attention to the right place.  To highlight beautiful skin I like to do the reverse. Use minimal amounts of makeup.  There is nothing more beautiful than natural skin tone so if you have beautiful skin use a light tinted moisturizer, like mine, to just even out the tone. My tinted moisturizer also allows the dewiness of natural skin to glow adding a youthful glow to your appearance.

Beauty is as beauty does. Ultimately living your life from a loving place is key and will always allow you to shine from the inside out no matter what your beauty routine may be!

Here are some of my favorite looks from NYFW so far.  All of these looks can be created with dedra anti-aging tinted moisturizer with spf 30, spot with creme foundation stick,  3-in-1 eyes, lip and cheek palette and lash building mascara. They can be found on my website,