Thursday, June 14, 2012


I thought I would take time to mention someone who hasn't been mentioned lately but who in my opinion epitomizes my "Simple Beaute" philosophy.  This woman, who is 43 and looking gorgeous, has grace, confidence and is incredibly beautiful just on her own-her natural beauty shines through and she knows it! It's Jennifer Aniston.  She is a beauty icon in my opinion-her hairstyles for years have made news and set trends.  Her makeup is always soft and natural and she never strays from her true self and that is something I admire most.  She recently was shot at the Rock of Ages after party looking true to her beautiful style.  Soft makeup complimenting her gorgeous skin. Try NARS multi purpose body oil with Tahitian oil to achieve this look. Then two days ago she was photographed leaving Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris wearing an outfit that some called weird. I thought she looked tres chic.  As my husband knows, I love harem pants, and denim ones-Wow!  What I'm saying is that we all need to honor ourselves and pick something about our appearance to play up.  Like Jen does. So simply and beautifully!

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