Wednesday, May 9, 2012


All over the internet the other day were images of the other nights Met Gala. As I glanced, well who am I kidding, studied each image, I was surprised by how many women chose to wear dark lips.  I know it's really in for fall but what if it doesn't suit your face or it's to harsh for your features? Well NARS has created a lipstick and gloss called 413 Blkr which has just the right amount of the pigmentation, warm rose brown, that is so popular for fall but it is light enough for just about everyone to wear.  The lipstick is great because it's matte which can be easily blotted away for a more natural finish and the gloss is great over a nude pencil for more pop.  Remember, fads in makeup are like fads in clothing, you need to consider what works well for you and make accommodation's for that. By taking your own style and needs into consideration you create beauty simply!