Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Tis the season, to get married.  Right now thousands of newly engaged couples are scrambling to put last minute touches on their upcoming weddings.  With thoughts of the unknown and fears of the what go wrongs, brides are spending sleepless nights checking and double checking their to-do lists.  One thing I have learned from years of working with brides to be is that no matter how many times we check and double check once the day is upon us what is to be will be.  The point is to take each moment in. To enjoy the process of creating this magical day and visualize it to feel the best it will feel. That will ensure that no matter what happens (or doesn't) happen on that day, everyone involved, including the guests, will have the most magical experience possible.  When meeting with possible vendors, see how you vibe with them.  Maybe their prices are different that you envisioned, or their cake doesn't taste quite as you hoped, but if you feel the most comfortable with that person or company, they are the ones! Ultimately on that day, they will create the very best for you, absolutely for sure.
Taking the time to find the simple beauty in all the preparations will guarantee a most simply beautiful wedding day!

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