Monday, June 4, 2012


I wanted to show you my natural makeup application. This is my daily taking care of kids, even working (when I'm not on camera,) makeup application. I think a natural look, accentuating features, is more beautiful than anything. And we all have that so let's play it up!! I am actually giving you a sneaky peak of two of my own makeup products from my new "SimpleBeauteByDedra" makeup line that I'm developing. Just to let you know I really walk the walk! I believe wholeheartedly in my philosophy of "Simple" beauty that I'm creating a whole line of products around it! Ok on to the application. First take a foundation/ concealer stick like mine here. It is two products in one so it conceals like concealer but blends like a foundation and it also has spf 18! Ha! Starting in the center of the face and under your eyes apply the product like so, where you need it the most, and blend out using a BEAUTY BLENDER(which I love) so by the time you get to the outside of your face the product is featheredto nothing. Even skin tone=natural finish. Then take a cream blush like mine from SimpleBeauteByDedra and smile to apply. Right in the apple of your cheeks. It adds a nice pop of color without creating an unnatural appearance. Then just apply mascara. I love Voluminous by Loreal and your done! Simple and Beautiful! Natural and easy!

step 1 apply foundation
step 2 blend out

step 3 apply cream blush




  1. Love it DeDe! Congrats on your new line!
    Xoxo Dani

  2. I really like the sound and look of your foundation concealer and am so proud of all your accomplishments in this arena. You have worked tirelessly and deserve great success. I want to buy some. Head me in the right direction. Vx