Wednesday, August 1, 2012


With all the great colors out this summer it's hard to know what going to look the best on you.  Here you'll find simple guidelines for what color lipstick you should wear this season.

If your skin tone is fair...
Try a neon pink lipstick or a light peach-y coral color. And for fair skin with a slight tan, it's best to compliment lips in sheer peach shades with a light bronze pearl. These tones will warm up fair skin.
If your skin tone is medium… 
 Vibrant, orange tones with golden, deep or bronzed skin tones and warm coral and orange shades enhance medium tanned skin.
If you're skin tone is dark…
You'll look great with bright vibrant hues and coordinating lip pencils.  Or for contrast use the gloss nude lip which is always in fashion.
A few things we should all keep in mind...
Enhance your overall look with a dewy sheen: If you do choose a super-pigmented shade, contrast classic matte lips by adding a bit of glow to your complexion.  For a lighter coverage on hot summer days try a tinted moisturizer, or add a bit of illuminator mixed with SPF or moisturizer.
Always remember, a lip pencil will get you far. It will help your lip shade stay in place for hours!

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  1. Hi Dedra will get these Carthage and montego bay look gorgeous!!!

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