Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So as we slide into the last month of the summer-technically the last month, I'm looking at what sad shape has become of my hair. The color has washed out care of the sun and pool. The moisture went bye bye as well and the bounce has definitely lost it's sizzle.  If you can relate and I'm sure you can here are some tips to regain some hair composure.  First, a nice trim always is in order. Oh, what a 1/4 of an inch off can do! Second, beat up some egg and drizzle a bit of honey into the mixture and apply that all over the hair for 10 minutes before shampooing.  Lastly, if you can't make it in for color I love Clairol demi permanent colors at Sally Beauty Supply.  They are mild, non toxic and add great color to fading flocks.  The girls there are very knowledgable and can help figure out the best color for you.  At about $8 you can't beat it. Turn that frizzed, fried summer hair into autumn goodness simply and beautifully.