Thursday, April 12, 2012


Matching foundation to your skin tone is really hard to do.  I totally understand.  It definitely takes a certain skill set.  Plus, what kind of foundation do you use for your skin type?

I'm a big fan of the tinted moisturizers and BB lotions but most women feel they need more coverage.

What I like to do is take three colors that closely resemble the tone of the skin on my face stripe all three on the cheek.  Whichever one blends in the best is the one to get.

By stripping the cheek as apposed to the jawline or god forbid hand, is because the color on the cheek is where you have the most color.  It is truly the most accurate area of color.

If you're still feeling it challenging to find your true color try L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation.  It really does match your skin tone.

It has technology in it to calebrate the color and match your skin.  It's super blendable and it actually has vitamins A &C in it to protect your skin.

Once you've found your foundation apply a concealer after that.  Use a shade 1-2 times lighter than your foundation.  It will add 10 hours of sleep to your appearance.

Who couldn't use that?

Find L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation here


  1. Hey Dedra!

    So happy you made a blog we can read for advice, very cool!

    Just fyi~maybe its my own eyesight issues from MS, but I can't read most of your blog :*(
    The font graphic is too small/light in color to read.

    Maybe I just need 2 pair of glasses (My b/f wears 2 pair of reading glasses to read a map!) LOL

    Much success with this!~Deb

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thanks for the tip. I made it bigger and darker in color. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Dedra, Have wanted to try this but never have. Of course now that you have recommended it i will try it. Thank you and have a great week...