Friday, April 13, 2012


On a day when we shouldn't walk under ladders and behind black cats, when everything that could go wrong, usually does, I like to stick with some things I know won't fail me.  starting with my face.

I love my purity cleanser by Philosophy.  It creams without drying and it removes even the toughest of makeup, like mascara.

 I love my Boots eye cream after cause it does everything the expensive eye creams do but it's really inexpensive.  You get it at Target if that's any indication of cost for you.

I love my Le Kohl duo shadow by L'oreal.  It smudges, defines the eye with the pencil and then the other end has shadow to brighten.  Then I top it off with a coat of my fav mascara-voluminous by L'oreal.

For my face I use my NARS concealer in custard.  Perfect coverage and trusted to work.

I use a Multiple by NARS to complete my natural look.  It can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.  It comes in 14 shades all of which are great but Malibu is my all time favorite.

So that's it.  My tried and true favs. They work even on the unluckiest of days!!

Find Philosophy purity cleanser here

Find Boots eye cream here

Find Loreal's products here

FInd Nars products here


  1. I agree with you DD, love the Purity products myself & not expensive.

    I don't remember what you said to use for primer on my face tho. I have lots of lines on my forehead & dry skin there too..wanted to try a primer or too cuz I always sweat off my make up especially in summer or with hot flashes.

    Thanks for all your advice~you & Camille look so beautiful & natural, love your styles/colors! ~Deb

    1. Deb, try Philosophy's primer it's great for fine lines. It's called the Present. Also, I love KohGenDo's as well. Little more$$

  2. Ps I a. In love with purity and have not used it in a while so I am going to try it again a change is due thank you D