Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dry Skin Be Gone!!

So last week I was up in Colorado working. Ok and playing too!! How can you not when you get a 10 inch fresh snowfall!! Anyway, of course with the sun and dry weather my skin got really dehydrated so I went full force into my hydrating formula.
There are a few things I use for that. One of course is tons of water. That's a given. But what do you do when the skin is already dry and peeling? Exfoliate and rehydrate. I am loving two products for that. The first is by Kate Somerville. It is called ExfoliKate. An intense exfoliating treatment. And I mean intense. Leave it on for 30 seconds. It sloughs off dead skin and improves circulation. You are left with soft skin that has a beautiful, healthy glow.
The other new favorite of mine is Tarte's pure Maracuja Oil. Place a few drops on your skin at night. It hydrates but won't leave you with that greasy feeling. It soaks right in and won't clog your pores. Pure magic!!
Goodbye winter, hello Spring!!


  1. oh so gona try this thank you

  2. Thanks for the tips. Will add these to my list of products to try. Hope you had fun in CO!

  3. I live in Idaho and it is so dry! I just got the oil you recommended. I look forward to moister skin. Thank you!