Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stay Makeup,Stay!!

The best trick for getting makeup to stay on your face is primers!! People don't give them enough credit but I'm telling you right now they work!! There are primers for your eyes and face. I like M.A.C's face primer and for the eye I like Mally eye primer. Another trick for your eyes is taking your foundation and go over your whole eyelid with it. Then apply loose or pressed powder over it. It really holds the makeup in place and evens out the skintone on your eye.


  1. Great tips. Would you give the same advice for preventing eye liner from smearing throughout the day?

    Best to you...

  2. Do you still recommend a primer I only use powder?

    The face's of the women who work at MAC scare me. They all look like that woman from the Drew Carey show back in the day.