Thursday, February 17, 2011

Matching Foundation

So I realized that my blog was a little long yesterday so I thought I would break it down into 3 parts. Today we will focus on matching foundation which is really tough.
It is important to match to the part of your face which has the most color-the cheeks. By doing it here you will get the most natural looking application. If you have access to testers try a few and actually apply them to your cheek as shown here. See which one blends in the best or which one disappears the most. If you are at a drugstore actually hold bottles up to your cheek area. Never color match your jawline because that will only give you a ghostlike appearance.

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  1. ok, so should you go with the exact skin tone, or go darker? Also, I want to tan in the sun this summer,does it make sense to use a foundation?