Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In answer to Julie

So Julie emailed me 3 great questions that I thought many others could benefit from so I'm posting my answers here.

Hi Dedra,

I was just reading an interview you had at IW. I had a question about picking concealer for my skin tone., I’m not sure what tone I am. , so when I’m in the store trying to buy concealer or foundation, I’m usually wrong. I’m pretty sure its light to medium. , also, I have Hazel eyes, what color shadow would you recommend? And finally, how do you get rid of age spots w/out the laser treatment. , what is the best product?

Julie In Mass.

First Matching Foundation:
It is important to match to the part of your face which has the most color-the cheeks. By doing it here you will get the most natural looking application. If you have access to testers try a few and actually apply them to your cheek and see which one blends in the best. If you are at a drugstore actually hold bottles up to your cheek area. Never color match your jawline because that will only give you a ghostlike appearance. Concealer should then be a shade or two lighter than your foundation and make sure the color has a warm hue to it to counterbalance the blue undereye.

Hazel Eyes:
Hazel eyes have several colors in them. Depending what color you want to pull out, the same rule applies to everyone. If you want to pull out the green, use opposing warm browns and golds. If you want to pull out the brown, use charcoals and blues.

Age Spots:
Age spots unfortunately cannot be removed except by laser. So sorry to have to tell you that. However, there are a few products that can minimize the appearance of. Try Philosophy's "Help Me" which is a retinol cream which speeds up cell turnover to improve hyper-pigmentation and texture. Also by Philosophy is "Vitamin C Powder" which is 99% pure vitamin c. You mix it with your moisturizer for brightening skin and providing protection from free radicals which will cause those spots to become darker. We all could use that!!
Hope that helps Julie, and everyone!!

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