Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The trick to covering under eye circles lies in the placement of the product. And how do you figure out where that is? The easiest way is by tipping your chin down and looking into the mirror. Try it now. Find a mirror. Tilt your chin downward. Now look in the mirror.  Do you notice the darkness is greater. Now put your chin up. See it's harder to see them.  So if you really want to place your product correctly tilt your chin down, apply the product where the discoloration is greatest and blend up from there. Voila!  Pretty, fresh appearance!

*Did you know that  adding under eye concealer adds 10 hours of sleep to your appearance? Yep! That's why I wouldn't leave home without it.
Try my Creme Foundation Stick for under eye concealing, evening out skin tone and for all over coverage.  It's like 3 products in one!

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