Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So I spend much of my time talking about products and tricks to enhance one's appearance. Or alter something about yourself that you feel needs to be altered.  Today I am reminded of a very simple philosophy that I try(when I remember) to live by. Loving oneself "as is."  I think this is the most challenging of all principles to follow.  We are constantly bombarded by media, social and otherwise, telling us that we aren't good enough as we are.  That we need this, that or another to be "better."    And many times it feels good to make these changes but  for today, let's look in the mirror and pick something we really like about ourself and focus on that.  Something that doesn't need changing or altering.  Make that your mantra for the day.  Every time throughout the day that you feel doubt about something, remember that one thing in your appearance that is working and focus on that.  By changing our focus, little miracles begin to happen in our life. Simply and Beautifully!

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  1. I always seem to feel inadaquete about my looks, so I need to remind myself alot that it is the inner beauty that counts. :) Pamela