Monday, April 30, 2012


  Thinking about the name of my blog "Simple Beaute" and really defining what that means to me,  I'm reminded of exactly why I love that concept.  I love things that are simple and pure, and I believe the most beautiful things are simple and uncomplicated.  Like nature for example.  Even the most intricate of flowers like an orchid is simple and elegant and just "is,"  without apology, beautiful and pure.  I am constantly striving for beauty in my life.  I like to surround myself with beautiful things.  Most especially beautiful things that are simple as well.  Like makeup that's pretty but easy to do. Or products that make you feel beautiful but are so basic in their ingredients. Calling on nature to nurture.  I found a great line of skincare products at my local farmers market called "Squid Balm" that embodies this philosophy. Started by a mom trying to create a balm for her daughter, nicknamed "Squid" who had bad eczema and allergies, she developed products that contain little but powerful ingredients that promote healing of the skin.  I bought her cleansing oil which not only removes makeup but doesn't strip the skin of it's natural oils. It leaves my skin clean, soft and hydrated and there are literally 5 ingredients in it! After using it I thought, "this is exactly what I need, nothing more."  Then I thought "this is truly a metaphor for life.  Things that are the most meaningful and that we find the most pleasure in usual are the simplest."
     I hope you enjoy my blog and continue to follow my quest in finding beauty in all things simple.

     If you are interested in finding out more about Squid Balm you can find her products here

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