Monday, April 2, 2012


Anti-aging, Anti-aging, Anti-aging. We talk the topic to death. Why? Because it is so important! It's ok to grow old and to me "gracefully" is by excepting that but taking the best care of our skin as possible.  

Retinols are great in aiding that because they speed up cell turnover.  Hence new baby skin faster!  They have a built in time clock in them that helps monitor the turnover process thus avoiding red, raw skin acquired by the use of Retin-a.  

Retin-a works great but only in very small doses because it can be too harsh by removing that top layer of skin too quickly. 

A great regime that I follow is using " Help Me" by Philosophy. It's a mild yet effective Retinol treatment I use at night. Followed in the morning by my Clarisonic brush. Reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. Simply and beautifully!

You can find Philosophy Help me here
And You can find yourself a Clarisonic brush here 

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