Monday, April 9, 2012


I would agree with most that some beauty products are unnecessary and a waste of money.  But some actually do aide in creating, well, more beauty.  One is a primer.

Face primers work great because they actually prep or "prime" the skin for foundation.  Therefore making even the novice of foundation applications look flawless.

There are different primers for different purposes as well. If you have larger pore, The Present by Philosophy, lays a nice veil over your skin to smooth  and protect textured skin.  Smashbox makes a green primer to combat redness in the skin.

My personal favorite is by KohGenDo because it adds a beautiful luminosity to the skin.  Their new one for spring actually combines lavender and pink which actually work in conjunction with each other and form a perfect shade to brighten and reduce redness alternatively. There are no artificial colors, fragrances or parabens so you get beautiful, flawless skin simply and naturally

Find Philosophy primer here

Find Smashbox primer here

Find kohGenDo primer here

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