Monday, April 16, 2012


They say when the economy is in a slump lipstick sales go up. Lipstick just has a way of
perking us up somehow. 

I definitely have my favs that make me feel a little “wild.” 

Some lipsticks can really brighten up your look.  Like MACʼs Ruby Woo if you like red
and this is a true red.  I also like Shiap from NARS for that shocking pink. 

If you like drama but in a more natural way, La Dolce Vita by NARS give great color but isnʼt

Wanna keep your wild on, apply your foundation and powder all over
your lips before your lipstick. It creates a primer to grab and hold the color. Guaranteed
to last all night!!

Find Mac's Ruby Woo here

Find Nars Schiap here

Find Nars La Dolce Vita here

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