Wednesday, January 27, 2010

luscious,long-lasting lips

Luscious, long-lasting lips. Say that 5 times fast!! When I'm working with a client and I don't have time to constantly touch up their lips I take a nude or natural lip pencil and cover their whole lip with it. When using a color like this, if you want to create fuller lips just over draw the lip slightly especially from the peak of the top lip to the outside corner. While gently keeping your mouth closed. Once that's done, I just take a nice pretty gloss and fill in the center or pucker spot. That adds dimension and depth.
Voila, beautiful full long lasting lips.!!


  1. Dedra!
    Ths blog is awesome! I love how succient your posts are and useful. I will emulate you in that- maybe someday I will master short clarity myself!

    What's your favorite tip for reducing laugh lines?

  2. for any fine lines I recommend using a gentle exfoliante on a daily basis. That will help buff out the skin. Also, you can use a primer that has a bit of silicone in it that will just lay on the skin and smooth out uneven skin texture.